It only takes you a few minutes to feed your social profiles with interesting content.

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Your RSS feeds converted into social posts.

What is Sh(a)re?

Your RSS feeds converted into social posts.
We extract marketing and interesting content from your favorites blogs and websites,
Then convert their title into 140 characters or less,
So you can directly share the article to your followers.

Import your blogs and websites

You enter the blogs and websites you read everyday. We aggregate the RSS feeds and grab the marketing content from them.

We fetch them into a readable feed

There is no need anymore to go through every single blog post manually. You have a quick glance and can choose what to share in a few seconds.

You share or dismiss it

You only shre the content you want. For each post, you have a single decision to make : Share or Dismiss. You have the control.

Tweets and posts, ready to be published

We convert the aggregated RSS feeds into usable posts, including the title and link. There is no manual edition needed.

3 Social networks

From, you can publish content on Twitter, Facebook or Buffer for easy scheduling.

You save time

A few minutes is only necessary to quickly fill your social profiles.

Why Sh(a)re?

We offer you time to do Content Marketing.
Not everybody has a team to curate, read and share content on social networks.
Even though, nowdays, content marketing is a requirement for your product or agency.
It only takes you a few minutes of your day to easily and quickly share content.

From your feeds, to and

Simple pricing, affordable for all

7 monthly